2014 Bad Joke No. 205

How do shellfish take photos?

With a clam-era.

2014 Bad Joke No. 204

What do you call a picture of Vietnamese food?

A pho-tograph.

2014 Bad Joke No. 203

What do you call a T-Rex that keeps falling on its backside?

A tyranno-sore-ass.

2014 Bad Joke No. 202

What sea creature is the most musical?


2014 Bad Joke No. 201

Which pig author is the most famous?

Ernest Ham-ingway.


that-epic-person-over-there asked:

How do you respond to a cheese joke "That's a Gouda joke"


That is exactly how I would respond to it. And then I would demand the cheese. Because I never joke about cheese…


i-swear-im-cooler-than-this asked:

What's fuzzy and green but will kill you if it falls out of a tree? A pool table


Full marks for truth-telling.


lashtonwifi asked:

What do you call a bathroom full of octopi? Octupied! Hah that's a bad one. :)


It is a bad one in the best possible way, though…


Anonymous asked:

Do you thin in hell there are deviled eggs


If there aren’t I will refuse to go, and they have nowhere else to send me!

2014 Bad Joke No. 200

Which is the funniest candy?